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Hi, I'm Beate

After 25 years working as a banker, financial advisor, sales trainer and coach with hundreds of women, I realized that most of them were struggling with money. Their damaging mindset around finances was influencing their health, their relationships, and the overall quality of their lifes..

My Mission

Identify your money patterns aka your MONEY STORY,
get practical strategies to change them quickly and effectively and step into your new rich identity so you can feel wealth from the inside out. Live the life your soul desires, not the one you think is possible based on your current bank balance.

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8 weeks to ditch your disempowering money story and step into a new rich identity so you can feel divinely wealthy from the inside out.
  • Learn how to manifest and communicate with the universe so you can stop playing small and hiding, and instead fulfill your big dreams to claim radical abundance inside and out.
  • Step into your inner power so that you are confident enough to make your own decisions around money
  • Master your ability to think into results so you can claim ultimate independence and earn your true worth.


Clients love

I recommend Beate from the bottom of my heart. These three months have been incredible and the best investment I could make to get straight to my goals without any detours. After decades of being constantly stressed out in my corporate job I now have more clarity than ever in my life before. looking forward to create my dream business and spending more quality time with my family.


In only 2 days i realized how relaxed i am suddenly with my money (after years of stress, struggle and scarcity)


After years being in a job I didn't love, I now live my true passion as a singer and recently released my first album. Couldn't be more greatful.


After years of being in fear and stress about my finances on a daily basis, I now feel so calm, just like I “woke up” and have the ability to take the next steps. Thank you so much.


Just one thought from Beate saved me 6.000€ today


Your deep passion and care for your clients to give them not only better insights about money but about life in general is priceless. I met a lot of coaches in my life, but you are the first one who changes the life of people in a very consistent way.


Thank you Beate for the stability and the permission of wealth, from the inside out.

This year in the last week of March I didn't know where I would live, and within a few days I manifested my dream home . Cannot believe it.


My Book

Discipline is a big part oft he journey when you are about to change your money story, so this is always a good idea to increase.

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