What qualifications do you have, Beate?

This question comes up from time to time. And in the past, I would have asked it too, because I thought I had to know what kind of training the person I wanted to work with had. After all, that’s how we’re taught. You have to go to school, do an apprenticeship, study, then you’ll get a good job. 

Sure, I have an “about me” page on my website with all the training and education I’ve enjoyed so far in my life and it satisfies our “numbers-data-facts” brain when we read something like that and it calms our mind.

But honestly, what does that say about me as a coach? Does it really help you to know if I am the right coach for you? Of course it says a little bit about knowing what I do. But at the end of the day, it’s all about one thing.

Have I achieved something that you also want and can I get you there/ show you how to do it? (this is also how I choose my coaches and mentors, exactly according to these criteria and of course whether it is a good fit when I work with someone for a longer period of time).

Basically, it’s not important for you how I do it, is it?

You don’t get a detailed plan what we do in which week or something like a workbook. Not because I don’t know or don’t have a structure, but I like to leave myself the space to be able to respond individually to my clients. You’re not in school with me, where you’re being taught a lot of stuff. There is no right or wrong, it is just not my way to accompany people. I love this direct contact, to be able to feel this change that happens during a call. 

Do I use all my knowledge there? Absolutely! Because I’m a big fan of practice, not theory. Otherwise you could just read a book.

Because often there is something completely different behind the question of qualification. You might have been on the booking page and had this feeling, yes, that’s what I want. And poof…here comes the mind. Is it worth it? Am I worth it to myself? Can it do anything at all? What if I don’t get the result I want at all? Blah, blah, blubbb.

I know this only too well from myself. You may trust your gut, you went to a site for a reason, you read this article for a reason, you follow someone on social media for a reason. Something is pulling you there.

Intuition is always perfect. Trust it.

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