What is this money mindset anyway?

It feels like this term is being used in a slightly inflationary way right now. But what is it exactly?

It means nothing more than that you direct your thoughts towards what you want. Having thoughts that are useful to you. A classic example is the weather. You get up in the morning, it’s gray and rainy outside, you think: “Boahhh, does it have to be such crap weather again?!” and you’re already in a really bad mood before eight o’clock. And yes, I am also a sun child and it is much easier for me to jump out of bed when there is blue sky. 

But what should this example show you? It shows that your thoughts cause certain feelings, which in turn lead to an action and thus an experience. To remain again with the weather. You feel a certain bad mood when looking out of the window through your thoughts, maybe you are sad, maybe you grumble at your husband or your children, you are stuck in a traffic jam, you step into a puddle and the day is over.

Before someone comes now with Biorythmus or the like around the corner… it is only a very simplified represented everyday life example, which probably everyone experienced already times in one or other form. 

To get back to the beginning. So it makes sense to focus your thoughts on what you actually want. For the moment this sounds logical and simple and yet many people “fail” at this question.

Today I would like to invite you to do a small coaching task with me. Take your time, comfortable in a place where nobody disturbs you for a while, maybe with a coffee or tea and answer this question:

What do I really want for myself and my life, when everything is possible?

And then write down everything that comes, even if certainly one or the other time, the mind flits around the corner and says: “That’s not realistic”, not for you, too young, too old, too blah, blah, blah….

I wish you a lot of fun with the task.

Change your Money Story

Change your Life

Yours deeply


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