What do you really want?

In my world this is the most beautiful question you can ask yourself on a consistent basis. When you ask people, most will answer you “I don’t know”. Which is simply a lie they are telling themselves. And the ego/ or our “little selves” stopping us from change.

Really take your time and think about it. If everything is possible, what do you really want? And it’s not about the big money or the dream house in the first place, it is about experiences, about moments, about the feeling. So for example. I always wanted to live near the Sea. Did I know exactly what kind of house? No. It evolved over time. As I allowed myself to be really honest with myself about what I want. Not what I thought I should want, maybe based on expectations of others or my current situation on my bank account.

This is something we didn’t learn, especially as a woman. We are told to be modest, to stay safe, to be the good girl, to not be too much. And so we think there is something wrong with us, when we have the desire for something huge. For me it is something natural, because the whole universe is into expansion and fuller expression. And so are we. We are here for growth, we are here to have it all, whatever “all” means to you. Maybe this means moving to another country, maybe being able to stay at home with your children, retiring your spouse, starting your own business, expressing yourself through art, it is different for everyone.

It’s never too late or too early to contemplate this question. Allow yourself to think all the thoughts that may sound crazy or your mind immediately goes into something like “who do you think you are?” Surprise yourself with the beautiful silent voice of your soul, because you know exactly what you want, even if you have no idea how. That’s not your task, that’s on the universe, but this will be another conversation

Committed and ready to serve

Much love


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