the weight of “shoulds”

Let’s dive deep into the real talk. Ever felt the weight of societal “shoulds” pressing down on you? You know, the constant stream of advice dictating how your Instagram feed should look, what attire befits a million-dollar finca owner, or the prescribed formula for running your business. Trust me, I’ve been there, and despite decades of coaching and training, switching my business from German to English felt like hitting the reset button.

Maybe you can relate. In a world saturated with ‘how-to’ reels and trends dominating social media, it’s all too easy to feel inadequate. They suggest that something’s wrong, that you’re missing out, that you’re not good enough. I’ve felt it too.

So, I took a step back and did a check-in—a recalibration of sorts. What really matters to me? How do I want to authentically communicate with the world?

Here’s my truth: I’m here to guide you in rewriting your Money Story and manifesting the life your soul desires. It’s not just about the glitter and unicorns; it’s about embracing the nitty-gritty, the unsexy work that transforms dreams into reality.

My mission is to inspire you to see the possibilities and believe that you can manifest your desires in your unique, authentic way

Navigating the Noise

Amidst the cacophony of ‘shoulds’ and trends,
I encourage you to tune in to your inner voice. What truly resonates with you? What feels authentic and aligned with your vision? We’re all on different paths, and that’s the beauty of it. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to manifestation, just as there’s no universal formula for success. Of course you don’t change the universal laws, but you use them in your unique way.

The Unsexy Work

Let’s talk about ‘unsexy work.’ It’s the behind-the-scenes effort that often goes unnoticed—the hours of dedication, the moments of doubt, and the resilience to keep going. Embrace it. It’s an integral part of the journey, shaping you into the person capable of manifesting the life you desire. And most people are not willing to do this work, so be f*cking proud of yourself if you do.

Your Unique Path

I’m not about conforming to someone else’s idea of success. I’m about embracing the journey, diving into the details, and celebrating the beauty of your individual path. Your journey is valid, and there’s power in authenticity.

Join Me on the Journey

If you resonate with my approach and choose to join me on this journey, it’s my absolute pleasure. Together, let’s redefine success, breaking free from the mold and crafting a life that feels genuinely yours.

Committed and ready to serve.

Much love,


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