The beauty of divine timing

Have you ever noticed that in life, we often focus on the big, bold strokes—the major turning points that define chapters in our journey? A new partner, a move to a different city or country—these are the events we cherish and share. Yet, in the rush of these significant moments, we tend to overlook the intricate dance of the smaller, seemingly insignificant details that pave the way.

This week, I was reminded of the beauty of “divine timing” in a way that touched my heart profoundly, and I wanted to share this lesson with you, knowing it might resonate deeply.

A dear family member was visiting, and after a lovely dinner, we returned home. At the entrance, there’s a large door that needs to be manually opened to access the driveway. As we drove slowly, we noticed one of my baby cats dangerously close to the street, and my heart skipped a beat.

In those crucial seconds, my emotions teetering on the edge of panic, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the intricacies of “divine timing.” Had we arrived just a few minutes later, encountered different traffic, or experienced any number of unforeseen delays, the outcome could have been drastically different. The narrow window of seconds had aligned perfectly, allowing us to locate the frightened little one.

In the aftermath, as I reflected on this experience, I was struck by the beauty of trusting in divine timing. As someone who tends to be impatient, this incident served as a gentle reminder that we often don’t see the intricate workings in the background—the subtle threads weaving together to create a protective net.

Trusting in the process is not always easy. We yearn for quick results, and that’s precisely why having a coach by my side has been invaluable. A coach helps us navigate the uncertainties and encourages us to embrace the beauty of unfolding timelines.

Think back to those moments in your life that others might dismiss as mere coincidences. You know better; you recognize the hand of divine timing at play.

Committed and ready to serve you on your journey,

Much love,


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