Still looking at the price tag?

Sometimes we think, when we achieve something big, a money-goal or a dream car we will feel rich. But for me it was a slightly different thing, when I had this feeling first. It was when I was grocery shopping and I realized that I didn’t look at the price tag anymore. I felt like a million bugs. Because my “old reality” was looking at the dozens of brochures of all kinds of different stores, figuring out what was on sale the next week. And there is nothing wrong with a great deal, we all love that, right?

And maybe you have a big family and a tighter budget at the moment, we all can relate to that.
But, what I realized was that sometimes I didn’t even like the products that were on sale, I just bought them, because they were cheaper that week. And I stopped that. I just buy what I desire, I look for the quality, if I like it, I buy it, if not, I don’t, the price is not the criteria of decision, because I know I can afford any food in the grocery store.

Maybe you are not at this point, but what I want you to think about is the following and it is a crucial mindset shift when it comes to manifestation and self worth. Every time you buy something just because it is cheap, it is maybe even unhealthy and you don’t really desire to have it, you are telling yourself: that’s ok for me (aka I am not worthy of the better food/ clothes whatever). That’s not the energy you want to be in. Just the fact that you take a moment and ask yourself, if you really want to purchase something or if you just buy it because it is cheap or on sale, will make a huge difference. Also with bigger investments like nice hotels or a car. Maybe you can’t afford it yet to buy it, but maybe you can rent it for a day once in a while, maybe you can’t afford the hotel room yet, but you sit in the lobby and enjoy a coffee and soak in a different energy.

Let’s make this fun and think of me and this post every time you look at a price tag and maybe that makes you smile and have a different perspective.

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