Rich as fuck


Exclusive 1:1 Coaching 

This is right for you if

  • you are really ready to grow , you are allowing yourself to have money, joy, love, just living life to it`s fullest
  • you are allowing yourself to be happy and greatful and wanting more at the same time
  • you are ready to invest the time and money into yourself
  • you are coachable, open to new experiences and willing to to the work

You are ready for Rich as fuck?
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This is not right for you if...

  • you are still in the victim mode, dealing with the heavy stuff (sometimes it can come up but you are able to deal with it. And of course I will be there for you with any possible advice
  • you are looking for a "baby-sitter". I am your coach, kicking you out of your comfort zone. I want you to grow, to empower you, getting the results for you together, whatever it takes
  • you are looking for a business or a financial coach. Of course you get access to all my wisdom and experience from the last 25+years, i will share all the insights with you, but the main part is in the mindset, the subconcious work, not in the stategy part

And maybe there is no special "logical" reason why you want to work with me, trust your intuition, it is always showing you the right path

Rich as fuck


  • Commitment for 6 months
  • 12 Zoom-Calls (2 per month, each 1 hour)
  • One 30 minute Kick-off Zoom-Call
  • 1:1 personal support
  • 1 Live-Weekend with me at Mallorca (if you are too far away we will arrange something equally special for you)

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