Raise your Standard

One of the first great coaches I learned from was Anthony Robbins.
And he kept saying this one sentence: “Raise your standard”. 

At first I didn’t really understand what that meant. Of course I did from the words, but it took me a few years to really internalize it and integrate it into my life.

Why it took me a few years to internalize and integrate

I always thought that it wasn’t appropriate for me to do that.
That it wasn’t appropriate to want more.
And yet there was this feeling in me that there was still a world there, outside of what my “normal” was. It has never been my ambition that the whole year was planned in advance. To know in January already exactly that in May this or that event was and in September always the same vacation at the same place is booked.

Surely this was often exhausting or not comprehensible for my environment, because outwardly there was nothing to complain about and I myself always had this voice inside me: “be satisfied, you are doing so much better than most people”.

I finally realized…

And this sentence: “Raise your standard” was like a kind of free pass for me. There was someone who said, it’s okay. You’re allowed to do this. You’re not a greedy person or a bad person because of it. It is wonderful to be grateful every day for what is already in your life. And at the same time, as an adult, you don’t settle for what you once earned babysitting as a student, for example, when you’re employed or have your own business.

I believe from the bottom of my heart that we are here on this fancy planet to grow. To be able to decide every day, and every day anew, what our personal standard is and do what it takes to achieve it.

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