No one needs that

The other day I was looking for a hotel and since that’s basically a lot of fun for me, organizing and all, I got a little lost in browsing. I looked at different categories, location, facilities, everything that is important to me. And in the process I noticed that my criteria and my way of thinking about it have changed completely over the last few years.

I used to look for the lowest price first. Especially for just one night. “I’m only there to sleep”, “The main thing is reasonably clean” and other such nice stories I told myself over and over again. 

Something like a 4 or 5-star category I have not even selected. “No one needs that”, “that’s insane, for that price I’ll fly to Mallorca for a week”. All that came into my head. At the same time, I also caught myself not feeling comfortable (anymore) in rooms where I sometimes didn’t even dare to walk barefoot (maybe that’s a bit exaggerated, but I think you get an idea of what I mean).

I didn’t even dare to look for a better category or a suite, thinking it’s not mine (without ever having tried it) and I thought it’s only for “the rich”, “the others”, but never for me.

Now it’s all a little different. It’s not that I only look at 4 or 5 star hotels on principle, but I allow myself to. I allow myself to look, to consider it. To feel it…Does my heart jump when I have a great view, of the sea or the city, because the room is maybe in this direction or on a higher floor. Do I find it cool that I can have breakfast in the morning on my own balcony in my bathrobe and not in a room with 50 other guests.

And it also doesn’t mean that it can’t be just as awesome to enjoy a simple snack in the morning at a hut in the mountains. It simply means that you allow yourself to be open. 

In all areas of your life. Whether it’s about something like in my example or also about your business. How often have you thought, oh, that’s not for me, without at least trying it out?

Maybe you like the service of a suite, maybe you prefer to sit on the campsite and brew your coffee on your own stove. Maybe you love having your own business, maybe you’d rather be employed by a cool company.

And anyway…you know…in my world there is no “or”, but always only an “and”. 

Dare to try things out, to do things for the first time, even if it still feels a bit strange and unfamiliar for the moment.

How much more open can you be today?

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Yours deeply


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