Money and sex


They are both taboo subjects, so to speak, everyone likes more of them and no one really shows you how to do it. One does not talk about it.
And since my blog is about money mindset, I’ll limit myself to money today, you draw the parallels yourself.

Money is something we deal with every day and whether we like it or not, in our current world, something that can also be used to exert a certain amount of power. That’s why it is also one of my big goals that quite a lot of women, really have a lot of money and do really cool things with it. For themselves, their loved ones and their heart projects. To distribute money in a more feminine way.

Even though I worked in a bank for over 10 years and that is my learned profession, I learned much later how money works, how it is created and used. And I can only urge everyone to take a closer look and watch one or the other documentary. For me, that’s where financial education begins.
Not with the question, how can I save even more and in what do I invest.

I wish you a lot of fun.

Change your Money Story

Change your Life

Yours deeply,


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