Letting go

Maybe you know this moment when you look in the mirror and think: “Is this really still me? And who am I anyway? And is that all there is to it? Will this go on for the next 30,40,50 years?” Mostly the mind and the bad conscience come immediately. Don’t be so ungrateful for once, you are doing well, etc. 

Of course we are allowed to be grateful every day for what we have. At the same time you may allow yourself to want more. And for some people around you this can be too much. Because so many people do not choose growth, but standstill. For the familiar, because our brain first sounds the alarm in case of change (could be dangerous to venture out of the cave, when the saber-toothed tiger is waiting around the corner). Mostly it is not about you, but about the fact that the people around you hate this change. Which in turn can coincide with your fear of no longer belonging. When everyone is employed and you start your own business. When everyone is married and you are not in a relationship. When everyone around you has children and you’ve decided you don’t want any, just to name a few common examples.

Just as the topic of beliefs is about letting go of them, or more correctly, overwriting them and letting new, beneficial ones into your life, the same can apply to people around you.

Some may say goodbye quietly, others may talk behind your back and are actually envious of your courage. For some it’s easy and for others it really hurts and sometimes you just go your separate ways for a while. And everything is always okay. 

I’ve decided for myself to always really check in there periodically. Time is my most valuable asset and I allow myself to use it only for what really does me good, what gives me energy. Everything else has no place with me anymore. This is true in my private life as well as in business. There, too, I question again and again where my energy goes. Rather to the 1:1 or to the group. How can I serve many people and at the same time be in my best energy?

And not just to do something stupidly, just because “one” does it that way or because you would like to be “everybody’s darling”.

I would like to invite you from the bottom of my heart to do this check-in with yourself more often, to be really radically honest with yourself and then to draw the appropriate consequence. And yes, sometimes it is easy and sometimes it takes months or years and really hurts. And not in the sense of “screw you” but letting go with love and gratitude. To focus on your future and what is really important to you in your life.

Like a closet. When it is full, there is no room for anything new. First you have to clean it out. And then all of a sudden there are only favorite pieces in it.

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