Drama Queen

Sometimes I think about how I used to be. Today’s me can only shake my head. When I was an employee at the bank, what a lot of gossiping went on during the day. Whether the colleague possibly wears the same outfit twice a week, who may hope for a promotion, who is unjustifiably already in a higher salary group, who was or still is in a relationship with whom…, the list would have no end.

And above all. The coffee break drama. Who knows it? “You won’t believe what happened to me today with that colleague/customer”. ” What a load of garbage I have on my desk again”. “That trainee is no good at all and I’m stuck with him for another two weeks”.

Instead of just taking a break, it felt like they were trying to top each other’s drama. Of course, we experience such situations not only in the office, but also in our private lives. Which aches and pains are worse, which neighbors behaved like.

And apart from the fact that it’s basically not so cool to gossip about others, all this behavior often has a deeper reason. 

Belonging. One of our primal needs and also associated with fear. Being excluded from the community meant certain death in prehistoric times. To a certain extent, this is still within us. At the same time, it should not be an excuse.

But how often do we like to hold on to our personal drama (even though it may sting a bit to admit it)? Often we push things to the outside, for example that now is not the right time to start a business because… We have a thousand good justifications for our minds. But if we are really honest, there is often a fear behind it.

What will my friends/family say if I suddenly change something in my life that maybe the average person doesn’t do?

What if I then become the subject of ridicule? What if I don’t belong then?

Believe me, I too have had this fear. But as always, behind your fear lies your greatest gift. Yes, it hurts when close friends turn away or you decide you don’t want to spend as much time with them anymore. But you can trust that new people will come into your life who will follow your path, where you feel understood, you get support on an unconditional level.

If you have been longing for a change in your life for a long time, for example to be more financially independent, to help people with your heart’s issue and to earn very well in the process, then feel free to contact me. 

Leave the drama behind and invite everything wonderful that wants to come into your life instead.

Change your Money Story

Change your Life

Yours deeply,


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