Construction site and business

Last week I got to finish decorating an apartment in a property. I totally love this. To plan how the rooms should look, the color scheme, the material of the furniture, the decoration. When I buy a house or an apartment, I see it already furnished in front of me, see the potential that this object has.

Even though I often pushed myself to the limit physically, it was an incredibly satisfying feeling every evening to see the walls painted, the floor laid, the closet set up.

Of course, there were also the odd moments when things didn’t go as planned. A hole was missing from the sofa, a kitchen cabinet didn’t fit the built-in oven, the countertop on one side had to be replaced again because it was drilled incorrectly, and so on. And a million other things that took longer than expected.

Why am I telling you this? Because I realized again how much this has in common with my coaching business and with the experiences that I and so many of my clients have over and over again.

When you start your own business, you can plan so much and so well. Nevertheless, there will always be things that don’t work out (even if we don’t order it that way). You need flexibility, patience, perseverance. Just like building furniture.

And at the same time you get to know yourself in a whole new way when you start your business. All of a sudden, there can be self-doubt around the corner, moments of “why do I have to do this to myself?”, fears of all kinds, e.g. showing yourself on social media, making yourself vulnerable.

I’ve felt my development, for example, that I’m much calmer overall than I was a few years ago. There would have been one or the other tool thundering against the wall. Sure, I’ve occasionally cursed briefly, but I’ve also immediately switched to a solution-oriented way of thinking. 

And the result is always worth it. Just like a cleanly painted wall. Just like customer feedback when you realize you’ve just been allowed to change a person’s life. Maybe in the way I coach. That someone has a better, more serviceable money mindset and more clarity for their business. Maybe you’ll help people stop having back pain, be able to style great hair, dress stylishly,….whatever your business is.

You will feel it.

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